Pick Up Routes A - B
£21 Adult  -  £18 Senior  -  £15 Child

Pick Up Route --- A--- WATFORD                                                                                                             A1
HAINES WAY, Shops                                                                                                             07.45
GARSTON GARAGE, Parade Shops                                                                                    07.50
MERIDEN ESTATE, opp. Badger PH                                                                                    07.54
BUSHEY MILL LANE, opp. Tudor PH                                                                                    07.58
ST ALBANS ROAD, opp Fuller Road                                                                                     08.02
NORTH WATFORD, Regent Street                                                                                       08.04
WATFORD JUNCTION, Stop I                                                                                              08.07
WATFORD, Beechan Grove, Stop ' M '                                                                                 08.09
BUSHEY ARCHES, Wickes DIY Store                                                                                  08.12
OXHEY, Eastbury Road Shops                                                                                              08.14
SOUTH OXHEY, Carpenters Park Station                                                                             08.18
WATFORD, Vicarage Road, General Hospital                                                                       08.27
HAGLAND LANE, opp Bus Stop by junc with Tolpits Lane                                                    08.30
WHIPPENDELL ROAD, opp. Rembrant House                                                                     08.32
CROXLEY GREEN, Watford Road, opp. Harvester PH                                                         08.35
CROXLEY GREEN, Watford Road, opp. Red House PH                                                      08.37
CROXLEY GREEN, opp. the Sportsman PH                                                                         08.39
RICKMANSWORTH STATION, Stop. C (Waitrose)                                                              08.45
Pick Up Route ---B--- WATFORD                                                                                          B1
RICKMANSWORTH STATION, stop. C. (Waitrose)                                                              07.45
CROXLEY GREEN, Sportsman Public House                                                                       07.49
CROXLEY GREEN, New Road, Rusts                                                                                  07.51
CROXLEY GREEN, New Road, opp. Co-op                                                                              -   
CROXLEY GREEN, Croxley Met Station                                                                               07.53
CROXLEY GREEN, Two Bridges Bus Stop                                                                           07.55
WHIPPENDELL ROAD, Rembrant House                                                                             07.58
HAGDEN LANE, opp. Bus Stop by junc with Tolpits Lane                                                     08.00
WATFORD, Vicarage Road, General Hospital                                                                       08.12
OXHEY, Eastbury Road Shops                                                                                              08.18
SOUTH OXHEY, Carpenters Park Station                                                                             08.21
BUSHEY ARCHES, opp Wickes DIY Store                                                                           08.24
WATFORD, Exchange Road, Stop k                                                                                     08.27
WATFORD JUNCTION, Stop I                                                                                               08.29
NORTH WATFORD, Regents Street                                                                                     08.32
ST ALBANS ROAD, Fuller Road                                                                                            08.36
BUSHEY MILL LANE, Tudor Public House                                                                            08.40
MERIDEN ESTATE, Badger Public House                                                                            08.45
GARSTON, St Albans Road, TGI Fridays                                                                              08.47
HAINES WAY, Shops                                                                                                             08.51
Pick Up Route ---A--- HEMEL HEMPSTEAD                                                        A
KINGS LANGLEY, High Street, Bus stop at junc Langley Hill                              07.35
BARNACRES, Bus Stop at junc with Belswains Lane                                                          07.41
BARNACRES, Bus Stop uphill nr Horselands Road                                                             07.43
BENNETT'S END ROAD, Bus Stop outside Shops                                                              07.45
WINDMILL ROAD, Homefield Road Stop                                                                             07.48
LONGLANDS, Bus Stop by entry to Queens Square                                                            07.50
ADEYFIELD, Saracens Head Bus Stop                                                                                 07.52
WOODHALL FARM, Shenley Road, opp. Cuffley Court                                                        07.57
WOODHALL FARM. Shenley Road, opp. Duster Road                                                         07.59
WASHINGTON AVENUE, Bus Stop nr Craigavon Road                                                       08.04
GROVEHILL, Aycliffe Drive, Bus Stop nr Henry Wells Shops                                               08.06
HIGHFIELD, Cambrian Way, Side of Bellgate Shops                                                            08.09
HEMEL TOWN CENTRE, BRIDGE STREET, Bus Stop ' M '                                                08.14
GADEBRIDGE, Galley Hill, Rossgate Shops Bus Stop                                                         08.20
GADEBRIDGE, top of Galley Hill, opp. Dental Surgery                                                         08.22
BOXTED ROAD, Peartree Road Bus Stop                                                                            08.23
LONG CHAULDEN, School Row Bus Stop                                                                            08.26
BOXMOOR, Fishery Road, Bus Stop outside Fishery Inn                                                     08.30
 Pick Up Route ---B--- HEMEL  HEMPSTEAD                                                                          B
BOXMOOR, Fishery Road, Bus Stop outside Fishery Inn                                                     07.35
LONG CHAULDEN, School Row Bus Stop                                                                           07.39
BOXTED ROAD, Peartree Road, Bus Stop                                                                           07.42
GADEBRIDGE, top of Galley Hill opp. Dental Surgery                                                          07.43
GADEBRIDGE, Galley Hill, Rossgate Shops, Bus Stop                                                        07.45
HEMEL TOWN CENTRE, BRIDGE STREET, Bus Stop 'A'                                                   07.51
HIGHFILD, Cambrian Way, side of Bellgate Shops                                                               07.56
GROVEHILL,Aycliffe Drive, Bus Stop nr Henry Wells Shops                                                07.59
WASHINGTON AVENUE, Bus Stop nr Craigavon Road                                                       08.01
WOODHALL FARM, Shenley Road, opp Duster Road                                                          08.07
WOODHALL FARM, Shenley Road, opp Cuffley Court                                                         08.09
ADEYFIELD, Saracens Head Bus Stop                                                                                 08.14
LONGLANDS, Bus Stop by entry to Queens Square                                                             08.16
WINDMILL ROAD, Homefield Road Stop                                                                              08.18
BENNETTS END ROAD, Bus Stop, outside shops                                                               08.20
BARNACERS Bus Stop, opp. Horselands Road                                                                   08.22
BARNACERS, Bus Stop at junc with Belswaines Lane                                                         08.24
KINGS LANGLEY, High Street, Last Bus Stop in village just before junc with Church Lane 08.30
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